Mexican Tween Phenomenon The Warning Are Dropping Their First EP Tomorrow

Seems like just yesterday when the (quite literal) power trio of Mexican tweens Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra blew our minds with their badass take on the classic Metallica/bar band token headbanger “Enter Sandman.” A week can feel like an eternity in internet time, but their interpretation of the song was so fresh we talked about it all weekend.

Now, The Warning have announced they will drop an EP on April 14th through iTunes. The best part of this news is that it seems it will have some original material – a little less metal than their calling card, but it still goes hard. The EP is titled Escape The Mind and you can watch a teaser right here.

Remember to head over to iTunes on April 14, since all the money they make selling the EP will go to their fund to go to Berklee’s Summer Program. And by the way, expect to read our review very soon.