Mad Decent Release Three Loco EP

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Mad Decent and Diplo have always shown some special love for the Latinos, representing some of our favorite artists here at Remezcla, Maluca Mala , Munchi, and  Bonde Do Role. In one of the most bizarre (or maybe perfect) hip hop collaborations, Andy Milonakis, RiFF RaFF, and Dirt Nasty have joined to form hip hop comedy group,Three Loco, in a nod to Los Tres Caballeros. They just released their first EP, “Three Loco”, featuring tracks “Neato” and “We Are Llamas,” and any group that gives shout outs to llamas, hot cheetos, taquitos, burritos and chorizo is alright in our book.

I was kind of maybe-really-not-so-shocked that Dirt Nasty is SIMON REX!? Anyway, I was too distracted by Diplo rapping in a straw sombrero on a tiny television to see much of anything else. As Three Loco says of their EP, “buy it or RiFF RaFF will punch you in the chimichangas.”

You wouldn’t your chimichanga to go to waste now, would you? Check out their video for “We Are Farmers(Llamas)” below and buy the EP on Itunes.

[insert-video youtube=z0s_bAunbVU]