Throwback Bunny: Benito Shares Childhood Photos on Instagram

Lead Photo: Collage by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Collage by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Rather than groan over another weekend in quarantine, let’s instead be proud of ourselves for doing our part to curb the spread of coronavirus, yeah? If you’re feeling low, though, maybe a gift from San Benito can provide some relief. Several photographic treasures, excavated from his personal baúl de recuerdos, are now publicly available for anyone in need of an aww moment.

Baby Bunny in baseball gear with a blue blow-up alien: Very, very cute.

Benito’s getting taller here, looking dapper in red for what appears to be Valentine’s Day.

That face is telling: You know Benito is intentionally rammed tons of other bumper car drivers here.

Early 2000s (we’re guessing) kid squad goals: Everyone in red tees, got some rosaries in there, hat flow, sunglass flow, baggy jeans.

Lookin’ like a teenage rebel here.

If these photos don’t do the trick as pick-me-ups, keep watching Bad Bunny’s IG. You know he’s posting stories constantly, and regularly making great use of many of the platform’s funniest filters.