Here’s Why Tokischa Is Disappointed by Her NPR Tiny Desk Performance

Lead Photo: Tokischa speaks onstage during the “Women on the Rise, presented by Samsung” panel
Tokischa speaks onstage during the “Women on the Rise, presented by Samsung” panel
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Following the release of the NPR Tiny Desk featuring Tokischa, the Dominican rapper had further thoughts on her performance — and let’s just say she wasn’t too satisfied with the final results.

“I knew el tiny was bad since I recorded it, without rehearsing, without warming up my voice, in the hustle and bustle, sick, in the middle of a tour,” she wrote on Twitter. “I asked for another date, but it was not possible, se le dio rulay, the musicians gave it, I owe them a good live sesh 💖 thank you 💖 and sorry 💔.” 

In case you missed it, Toki’s NPR Tiny Desk performance was released yesterday (Oct. 12) and featured reworked arrangements of some of her most popular tracks — completely different from the original pieces. She performed a total of six songs: “Perra,” “Hola, “Somos Iguales,” “Delincuente,” “ESTILAZO,” and even an unreleased corrido titled “Kilos De Amor.”

The result garnered mixed opinions from social media users. However, most are replying to the “Linda” singer’s concerns with encouragement. A Twitter user wrote: “Toki, you did very well. You got out of tune but only a little bit and that’s normal, it happens to everyone. The beautiful thing was to see how you went out of your comfort zone and managed to do super good versions of your songs. Not everyone dares to do that. You don’t owe anything to anyone. You are yourself out loud!”

Another fan wrote: “Don’t worry my love, several points: That’s not going to stop your career from being successful. People will continue to enjoy your music anyway. Whether you sing beautifully or badly, you will still be a Tokischa.”

Others chimed in about the importance of representation. “I loved it. None of the Dominican Republic’s urban artists can say they did what you did. I loved that you sang in other genres super unexpectedly. I felt your vibe which is what people like.”

Whether or not Toki felt fully prepared for the NPR Tiny Desk performance, what remains true is the set’s creativity and uniqueness that is heard throughout her reimagined song versions. That amount of effort speaks for itself.

ICYMI, watch Tokischa’s Tiny Desk concert here: