Here’s Everything to Know About the Tokischa & Virgin of Altagracia Controversy

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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Update: Just a few weeks after Tokischa’s controversial photos in front of a religious mural in the La Vega Province of the Dominican Republic, the music artist was summoned to court, where she was charged with a fine, according to her lawyer. Initial reports claimed that Tokischa was banned from the province of La Vega, but her attorney clarified that this was inaccurate. 

A public apology by Tokischa was also requested by the court “to the citizens of La Vega and Jarabacoa and to anyone who has been offended by [her] actions.” Additionally, the court demanded that she never repeat these actions. Just hours after leaving the court, Tokischa met one of the demands through the media, issuing an apology via video that explained her intentions. “I didn’t do this with the intention of offending anyone,” she says in Spanish. “But more so, to show that anyone can pray, no matter where they’re from or what they represent.”

This story was originally published on August 10, 2021.

Tokischa is causing waves and could face legal retribution after the rapper posted what some are calling provocative and blasphemous photos on social media last week.

The series of images originally posted on her Twitter account on August 5 feature the “Que Viva” singer posing in front of a mural depicting the Virgin of Altagracia in Jarabacoa, which is a town in the La Vega Province of the Dominican Republic. The uproar comes from what she was wearing: a white lace bustier, nude panties, and a matching lace headpiece with horns — as well as her poses, which some, including the mayor of La Vega, have deemed disrespectful.  

According to El Diario Libre, Tokischa could face up to a year in prison and a fine for “disrespecting a religious sanctuary.” Amado Gómez, the lawyer representing La Vega mayor Kelvin Cruz, cited Dominican laws sanctioning the exposure of “genitals in public spaces.” 

“We present the complaint and ask the La Vega prosecutor to initiate public action,” Gómez said. “[The mayor] has said on several occasions that he will not tolerate violations of the use of public spaces. This young woman misused it.”

Since the pushback and Gómez’s comments, the singer’s lawyer Félix Portes has said on Twitter that she was regretful of her actions and wanted to extend her formal apologies to society, La Vega locals, and Catholics, and further clarified that she didn’t mean to offend through her artistic expression. Portes also noted that Tokischa has yet to be cited by the prosecutor’s office. 

Tokischa’s supporters have called the La Vega mayor’s response to the incident an abuse of power and denounced religious double standards. 


Tokischa — who gained a huge following on her OnlyFans page after two years — told Remezcla during an interview last April that she began posting on the platform because her risqué photos on Instagram were always getting taken down. “I like to make hot content because I’m a hot girl,” she said. “I can express that other side of me with no restrictions, and that’s exciting.”