Top 5 Bachata & Merengue Covers of Pop Songs

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While there’s something about pop songs that makes them impossible to get them out of our heads, remixing them with Bachata and Merengue brings these tracks to another level. While both Bachata and Merengue originated in the Dominican Republic, their global reach today makes the following five covers universally appealing.


Willy William – Get Lucky

This is godsent. If you think Daft Punk’s summer hit is amazing, wait until you hear this cover. The truth is out: Pharrell is the runner-up to Willy William. The French-Caribbean DJ, singer and producer has remixed a bachata-infused track that brings together two of our favorite sounds: EDM and Bachata. Find the track here.


Omega “El Fuerte” – Armadura de Titanio

Another incredible track, this one with full-fledged Spanish lyrics translated from David Guetta and Sia’s Titanium. Armadura de Titanio is an anthem to to all of those who’ve gone through heart-wrenching times but have emerged with their head held high (and their feet ready to dance). Omega brings all the emotion of the lyrics to life, making this pop-house ballad a first-rate pick. Find the video here.


Dominicanada – Mi Todo

Mi Todo pulls out all the stops to make their cover just as much of a classic as Mariah Carey’s. While both Carey’s My All and Mi Todo feature emotional vocals, it is Mi Todo that makes you want to dance while reminiscing about your loved one. And, just when things couldn’t get better, the choir kicks in and amplifies all of your emotions. Find the song here.


Pablo Ft. M Sossa – I Wanna Love You

This song is actually more of a work in its own right than a cover, meaning that there are original lyrics (in Spanish) rather than simply a translation of Akon’s hit. Pablo and M. Sossa make a great duo, as one sings while the other raps, giving the song a dynamism not usually found in covers. Find the song here.


Jeyro – Say You Say Me

An example of how Bachata has evolved over the years, Say You Say Me mixes traditional bachata with urban influences. This Lionel Richie song, which is an Oscar-winning song recorded for the film White Nights, has romantic lyrics that naturally adapt to bachata’s ballad-based roots. Jeyro, who is an emerging artist from Miami, compellingly captures the song’s essence with his strong, anguished vocals. Find the video here.