Free Download: Torreblanca's "Parece Navidad"

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If you hate Christmas as much as I do, you probably hate Christmas music even more. So, whenever I see the world “navidad” on the title of a song, it’s like a red flag the size of a king-sized bed blanket. In standard settings, I wouldn’t even dare push play, but this morning I woke up a bit less cynical than usual and somehow decided to give it a chance.

Torreblanca is fronted by Mexico DF singer-songwriter and talented pianist Juan Manuel Torreblanca, who earlier this year released a remarkable debut EP titled Defensa, in which Natalia Lafourcade and the girl from Hello Seahorse! who looks like Lisa Loeb (aka Denise “Lo Blondo”) had guest appearances. So you know Chilango indie hipsters must be all over this.

Unlike their first single, which was a lot more upbeat with a rock foundation, this new track is a mellow piano ballad with a jazzy lounge beat, and fortunately (for my ears, at least), it’s nothing like those annoying Christmas songs you’re forced to listen to everywhere you go if you have the misfortune of being in the US during the month of December. In fact, it doesn’t even talk about Christmas, there’s only a subtle reference to Christmas tree lights, that you can totally pretend isn’t there and still enjoy the beautiful song.

And unlike everything else during Christmas, you need not pay a dime for this present.

Download Torreblanca’s “Parece Navidad” below for FREE!

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