Free Download: Rey Pila's "No Longer Fun" (Toy Selectah Remix)

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Former Control Machete DJ and new-cumbia pioneer Toy Selectah has been keeping busy doing some high-profile remixes lately (he just released a remix of Willie Colon’sAguanile” on Fania Records) but he still finds time to rework the tracks of indie and up-and-coming artists.

This is a great way to discover new interesting music that otherwise I would’ve been oblivious to. Take this one here, for example. I’ve never heard of this Rey Pila guy before and I wouldn’t have bothered getting to know him–mostly because of his hair, which I find repulsive–if it wasn’t for the fact that Toy Selectah remixed one of his songs.

The thing is, I liked the Toy Selectah remix of “No Longer Fun” so much (I still can’t get that super catchy chorus out of my head) that it made me want to learn more about this Mexican guy who sings both in English and Spanish, and does it quite well over those funky grooves. Rey Pila I found out is the alter-ego of Diego Solorzano, ex-leader of Los Dynamite, but after four years decided he could do things better all by himself and went out on a solo career that officially started with a self-titled debut released in 2010. Judging by his MySpace top friends he must like ’80s heavy metal (we know for sure he likes those hair styles). But don’t let that scare you, his music is a lot more accessible, and a lot of fun!

Download Toy Selectah’s remix of Rey Pila’s “No Longer Fun” below fo’ FREE. And see below for proof of ’80s coif.