Track By Track: Ximena Sariñana’s “Shine Down” Ep. 2

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We kick off episode two of our mini series Ximena Sariñana Track By Track with commentary of her third song “Shine Down” off her self-titled album, presented by Warner Bros. Records. Now, this ditty is my personal favorite from the entire record. It reminds me of getting all funky and tipsy at an alt indie club in Mexico City. Maybe it’s cause I saw the video for it, and I’ve been influenced! Yeah, being under the influence, right. This is what this Guadalajara-birth singer calls the official singer, y’all. Plus she describes how it was like working with producer Dave Sitek, of TV on the Radio! Check it out, Ximena’s commentary in English and en Español:

[insert-video youtube=7qv0piGTaoA]

[insert-video youtube=aabUXmArPzk]


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