Track Premiere: "El Mañana's "Fantasmas" [MEX]

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Here comes a band that will make your preconceived notions of melancholic pop vanish. It’s seldom that emotionally wrought songs are simultaneously uplifting.

El Mañana, hailing from Mexico City, delivers a sound based on all kinds of acoustic and noise fusions, ranging from folk-based guitar strumming, effect pedals, and drenched distortion, loosely bracketed as pop, rock, or noise-pop. It’s everything.

El Mañana will be digitally releasing their highly anticipated debut album, Muertos, under Fanclub Records on February 18th, but the first single, “Fantasmas,” is now available for your delight. “Fantasmas” is an emotional track, a melancholic yet dreamy detour with a hint of heartbreak. However, it’s more meaningful with each play.