Track Premiere: RVSB's "Batelo" ft. Boomer [CHL]

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In case you didn’t know, RVSB has a new album out. RVSB is short for DJ Raff vs. Latin Bitman, or Raff vs. Bitman, or two of the best DJs to ever come out of South America combining their producing talents in the studio.

Nightlife is the title of their second album (out now on Nacional Records) and it’s a lot less abstract than their debut. They still do plenty of sonic experimentation in the outer realms of still-not-labeled EDM sub-genres, but there are more songs and vocal samples providing at least some of the tracks with more conventional formats. To achieve this, they brought in some exceptional guests, starting with Thievery Corporation’s Natalia Clavier and Talking Heads’ Tina Weymouth.

Here we have them with Chile’s premier dancehall toaster, Boomer, doing a Panamanian-inspired up-tempo bouncy track that has plenty of crossover potential, from the global bass niche all the way to the mainstream main room dance floor.