Tribal guarachero trio 3Ball MTY give ya "Ritmo Alterado" for FREE

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Ready to wear those pointy boots? Against the predictions of those who saw in it just a colorful temporary fad, the Mexican-born “tribal guarachero” sound is totally crossing over and it’s here to stay.

In fact, just a couple of days ago the new hybrid genre became official when the first real album (as opposed to the hundreds of free MP3s from mediafire, which was the genre’s main realm until then) became available on iTunes an all other online music retailers.

It all started a couple of years ago when a group of teenagers approached über-producer and DJ Toy Selectah with their bedroom-produced tracks of frenetic techno guaracha. It soon exploded and became a global phenomenon when the Anglo blogosphere saw the connection between that insane music and the even more insane fashion that came with it (“botas picudas” with neon lights anyone?).

Now, fresh off the success of their first radio-friendly single, “Inténtalo,” those three teenagers, who collectively are known as 3Ball MTY (that’s how the texting generation spells “Tribal Monterrey”) drop their debut album on Fonovisa/Universal.

It’s just a matter of milliseconds before this thing becomes massive and we all start collectively hating on it, so hurry up and enjoy it while you still can.

3ballMTY – Ritmo Alterado by LATINPOWERMUSIC

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