Tropical Bass' World Hood gives ya 5 free downloads

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Wild world of smoothed-out vocals set against a backdrop of tropical murmurs, lullabying yet danceable, tranquil yet revving, comes Sacramento’s tropical bass World Hood. With the opening hip hop swag of “Mar y Mante”, there’s no way to not fall in love with this set. As the female vocals roll out an ode to Yemaya, the ocean blue, we’re offered a kind kiss. “After the Rain,” reminds me of Waya Waya’s recent release, with all its tropical cadence.

There’s something cool in the faintly echoed vocals of “La Verde,” with its choral repetitions, and the hollow clack of the wobbling bass, a harder number than any of the other tracks, but equally as suave on ear. Swimming through life you find yourself fished up by that pesky “Pescador,” trapped in this tracks collected metaphor, and aquatic interludes, you’re thrown back to see with no scars from the net, but a blaring message, Enjoy your life! “Indigenous 808 (Sonora remix)” offers an innocent and melodious track full of solar imagery and sultry aspirations. It’s the kind of track you blast at an art party with glittering hipsters who make art that probably will end up in the Guggenheim one day, but you’re certain is meritless. Despite your art envy, the track ebbs you into a reluctant grin.

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