Tubo Tubo!: 90's Music Videos on Drugs

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Hi guys! This is Dario. I do design at Remezcla and I love the internet and all of its weird shit especially the videos of twerking chihuahuas and prancersising cameltoes. As a service to the community to create a bond between the Remezcla readers and staff, I will be sharing the videos that we come across in the hopes that they will be foder for many dreams/nightmares in your life.

Tubo Tubo! is the chant of encouragement to hop on the pole, let loose, forget you look like a slut and have some fun! Here I will share the funny, weird, asian, retro and trippy videos that have a special place in your friends’ Facebook walls. I recommend putting your headphones on and locking the door behind you. I hope you like!

For my first post I’m going with a 90’s theme but more specifically the ON DRUGS 90’s videos. These videos follow the common theme of an abundance of drugs. I bet you don’t remember Thalia on ecstasy! Im going to start with Anahí -CORAZÓN DE BOMBÓN– 1996. Here the Rebelde star runs to a porta potty eats shrooms and trips for days (probably.)

[insert-video youtube=2Iy0NmQ0SRA]

Following the young girls who think their plastic clothing feels AMAZING trend: Jeans -ENFERMA DE AMOR-, 1998. Everything is spinning and hysterical… on drugs.

[insert-video youtube=Ocm5vgGvW2w]

Nothing says “HIGH” like only buttoning one button on your shirt. Kabah -VIVE-, 1996.

[insert-video youtube=p9zQjyA-EXA]

This one is a personal favorite, because I cant help but recall Thalia’s line of spicy lollipops at Walmart. It all makes sense now! Thalia -UN PACTO ENTRE LOS DOS-, 1990.

[insert-video youtube=75J5zhBH720]

We already took this video apart in a previous article but for those who have not witnessed his true glory: Luis Miguel -COMO ES POSIBLE QUE A MI LADO-, 1996. Here “El Sol de México” smoked some salvia in his living room and his body weighs a million pounds and he cant stop watching Telemundo.

[insert-video youtube=yebrc93rObo]

Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside of Gloria Trevi’s mind? I hope not, you FREAK! That place is scary and a little part of her will latch onto your psyche and slowly destroy your soul. Good thing most of her early videos are pretty much a window into her brain, so feel free to watch from a safe distance. Gloria Trevi -JACK EL REPROBADOR-, 1991.

[insert-video youtube=gz4TGxl5wwk]

Let’s watch the singer dry hump the keyboard guy at the most emo rave.What do you call those long skinny bang hairs? Tendrils? Antennae? Sentidos Opuestos -AMOR DE PAPEL-, 1998.

[insert-video youtube=8k2GN568irc]

Say hello to your drunk aunt trying to get home after getting roofied. It’s a good thing she escaped, although she’s stuck in a hotel lobby. Alejandra Guzmán -ENEMIGOS-, 1999.

[insert-video youtube=E_NiTgoZ924]

Last, but not least, rounding up to a nice, uneven 9 (for 90’s), here is Gloria Estefan -HEAVEN’S WHAT I FEEL-, 1998. Here, JLo’s number one fan and paraplegic flails her arms and there are metal bubbles and rehearsed dancing. I don’t know where she is supposed to be.

[insert-video youtube=kI2bI0jXAGM]

I’m no expert on the topic-BUT let me know if you have any favorites in the cracked out 90’s videos, because I really need to see them.