Feliz Día de los Muertos: Turbo Sonidero Futurístico's "Donador de Organos"

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We just found the perfect video for your Día De Los Muertos virtual altar. From San Jose, California, Turbo Sonidero Futurístico has been slowly building its rep in the global neo-cumbia scene with their characteristic sound for which they even coined a name: “tumbia.” Very hypnotic, psychedelic cumbia loops over deep wobbling bass lines with references to dubstep and Miami bass. Would’ve gone great with our Jalogüin Playlist from last week. If only we found it in time!

Their first official video, “Donador De Organos,” was directed by System D-128 from Philadelphia and I get the feeling it was mostly shot over there too, because that doesn’t look much like the San Jose I’m familiar with. As a priceless bonus, since System D-128 is loosely affiliated to Diplo’s Mad Decent family, the video got prime exposure premiering on their highly influential Web site a couple of days ago. Love the campy collage of random colorful images with plenty of sexy girls and titty-bar neon signs, but the fluorescent body paint contrasted with pitch-black background reminds me a lot of THIS classic house video.

Get weird with Turbo Sonidero Futurístico’s “Donador de Organos” below and stream the song over and over and over until you start believing it is in fact a DJ Shadow cumbia.