R.I.P. TV Gamma: Why???

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Yes, we know, they have a new band, Nueva Costa. And yes, they only had ONE album. But still. With a band like TV Gamma (who recently broke up), with such promise and an amazing debut disc, we’re left feeling helpless and cheated. In Chile, we turn to Javiera Mena for that disco flare and look to Astro for an interplanetary synth trip. We could also rely on TV Gamma a bit for some extra synth-pop support, because the 2009-formed foursome packed an equal amount of flight and grounded substance into their 2010 self-titled debut (still out via Sello Cazador) to get us good and curious about their followup. Alas, no followup.

In tracks like “Nada Importante” and “Me Pasa” (download abajo!), the band played heavily with synths, almost sounding like a dance-hall funeral home. The wonder and exuberance was in the instrumentation, but singer Angelo Santa Cruz’s voice was crude, kind of dark, a great contrast that kept the sound balanced and tolerable. Not too synthy, not too heavy.

TV Gamma was reminiscent of so many resources (without directly copying them), like the stellar sounds of Zoé and Klaxons, and the digital ’80s new wave and melodrama once magically produced by decade acts like Tears for Fears and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Yup, those dudes who wrote “Relax.” TV Gamma is no Frankie Goes to Hollywood, but….here’s to similar fates!

Download the dance-inducing “Me Pasa” from the dearly departed, other great Chilean band, TV Gamma.