Video: Twin Shadow's "At my heels"

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This might make me like Twin Shadow more. The Dominican-born, Brooklyn transplant known as Twin Shadow (née George Lewis Jr.) just released this video below for the Forget track “At my heels.” The best part about it is that it comes with a mock-director’s commentary over the video (blaring, so you can’t really hear and enjoy the song, but that’s what CDs and cassettes are for). In it, the supposed two directors of the absurdly intergalactic clip wax on about the meaning of it all. And tigers. Deep stuff. Twin Shadow is also labeled the Mexican Morrissey (he’s not Mexican) and the Dominican Daryl Hall. Sure. Oh, and they keep referencing the “blogosphere” as if it’s an actual planet. So it’s particularly relevant to us.

Watch Twin Shadow’s “At my heels” below to learn the art of music video making from two masters of the craft.