Twitter Mourns the Passing of Soda Stereo’s Frontman Gustavo Cerati

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It’s been years since beloved Soda Stereo front man Gustavo Cerati suffered a stroke that put him into a coma, but news of his passing today still came as a sad surprise to the music community and fans. An outpouring of tributes followed, some including great anecdotes and memories about the seminal rock en español icon. In his native Argentina, #HastaSiempreCerati, #GraciasGustavo, #DescansaEnPazCerati and #PoderDecirAdiosEsCrecer are trending. Here at Remezcla, we will remember him as a music legend, one of Argentina’s most important musicians, and a forefather who paved the way for so much of the music we’ve covered.

Epic fail for Pati Chapoy, who called him “Ricardo Cerati” in a tweet, then deleted it and reposted with his actual name: