Un Verano Sin Who? Bad Bunny Explains to Ebro & More

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Apple Music.
Photo courtesy of Apple Music.
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With every successful album release comes the press cycle along with it. We’ve heard the music, and now we’re eager to uncover every detail about the album’s creation. It’s no different with Bad Bunny’s newest Un Verano Sin Ti. In Benito’s upcoming interview with Apple Music, in which Remezcla has an exclusive clip before it fully comes out, he delves into the nitty-gritty about what his Caribbean-inspired album title actually means.

For the chat, Ebro Darden flew to Puerto Rico to get the 411 on Bad Bunny’s new album. The clip shows the Puerto Rican icon wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and a long-sleeve button-down collared shirt that looks like a painted canvas, surrounded by a background covered in plants. During this particular part of the larger conversation, Darden asks Benito about the album’s concept. “A summer without who?” he asks. Bad Bunny then explains how the summer season influenced his new album and how the featured collaborations remind him of the same summer theme.

“I think ‘without’ a lot of things. Can be like a person, can be like friends, can be like something that you miss a lot about summer,” Benito tells Darden. “This whole album is [the muse, the inspiration comes from] all my summers. The vibe, the sound, even the featurings.”

He then continues: “I like every featuring, because I like the music of that artist. They remind me of very special summer. Like Chencho, Rauw, Tony Dize, Bomba Estereo, Buscabulla… Like every of them remind me of summer vibe.”

In the interview’s promo, Bad Bunny says: “A lot of their biggest artists of Puerto Rico start here in La Perla. I’m still making music from here to the world.” He later adds: “The best part of all my achievements is when people say, ‘Yeah, but he’s from Puerto Rico.’”

Want to hear what else Benito had to share about the album? The complete interview with Apple Music 1 will premiere later today (May 25) at  4 p.m. ET. 

Watch the exclusive first look below.