New Massive Online Festival to Showcase Diversity of Musical Culture in Latin America

Lead Photo: Photo by Javier Romero

A new, massive online event is set to invite people from all over the world to learn what’s brewing across Latin America’s music scenes.

Started by the Latin American Association of Musical Managers (MMF), Una Noche en América Latina involves 16 countries and some 50 artists. Each performance will be livestreamed simultaneously for anybody to tune in and groove to, uniting people from the region and all over the world. The concerts aren’t just intended for musicians to demonstrate their songs and skills, though; the organizers seek to showcase the diversity of musical culture across Latin America through performances at clubs, festivals, and a motley of different venues and genres.  

Some of the artists slated to perform are Astro, Mariel Mariel, Ulises Hadjis, Puerto Candelaria, Dani Umpi, Magaly Fields, and many more. They’ll be playing on stages from Mexico to Argentina to Colombia to Cuba to Perú and more. Una Noche en América Latina will take place this Saturday, December 5.

For more info, visit MMF’s website.