URGENT: Francisca Valenzuela & Dënver robbed!

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URGENT! We just got word from the Chilean blog Paniko that Saturday night, the 7th, some assholes broke into Francisca Valenzuela and Dënver‘s recording studio, La sala de ensayo de Vicuña Mackennain in Chile, and jacked a lot of expensive performing and recording gear and instruments — other bands like Los Delis and La Mano Ajena who rehearse there were also robbed. The artists talks about what’s missing in this video below.

[insert-video youtube=-2wLoe_Obj4#!]

Paniko also states that the robbers took everything of value and only left the water faucet. If you are or happen to be in Chile and are reading this, we urge you not to purchase any of these instruments. And if you or anyone you know knows where these missing instruments are or might be, please contact Francisca at contact@franciscavalenzuela.com or tweet here @franciscamusic immediately. Dude, it seriously sucks hard to get robbed, so spread the word. Below is a flyer with the lists and photos of the missing gear and instruments.

List in text straight from Paniko.com:

Nord Electro 3, 66 teclas.
Nord Stage EX, 88 teclas.
Roland 300 SX, 88 teclas.

Fender Telecaster Deluxe Mexicana, color negro.
Fender Stratocaster Squier koreana, color sunburst.

White Mexcian left handed Fender Stratocaster.
Sunburst Korean left handed Epiphone Les Paul.
Electro-acoustic left handed Guitar LBenito.

Sunburst Mexican Fender Jazz Bass, four strings. Cabezal Gallienkrugger 700 Rb.

Sistem In Ears Sennheiser model EW iEM G2

Wireless Microphone Sennheiser model E 835
2 Mic Shure Sm58.
Mic Shure Pg 58.
Mic Rhode.

Mixer power Behringer.