Valentine’s Day Playlist: Me Derrito Por Ti Vol. 2 [GLOBAL]

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The one thing everyone—whether single, taken, in a complicated relationship, trapped in baby mama/daddy drama, self-loving, etc.—can look forward to on Valentine’s Day is the wonderful Valentine’s Day-related music compilation curated by Las Acevedo.

Once again, the duo put out an APB for collaborators and numerous musicians from all over America Latina answered the call. Like its predecessor, the compilation features 11 songs about love and romance by 11 different artists.

We have Mexico in the house with Jessy Bulbo, Aarón Bautista, JOSUÉ JOSUÉ X CYBEREALITY; South America represented by Cancioneira y Presidente, Ulises Hadjis, Proteyectosolo, Andrés Landon, Dadalú, Leo Hunt, and El Gavilann & Los Verde; and the Caribbean by Gran Poder de Diosa and, of course, Las Acevedo.