Venezuelan Artist Presidente Releases a Trio of Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure [VEN]

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Heberto Añez Novoa is the man behind the Presidente alias, and he’s responsible for making some of the most exciting music in today’s Venezuelan musical panorama. His latest album, Chuca Chuca (2013, Entorno Doméstico) is the perfect evidence to that statement. Now, he has just put out a trio of music videos for your viewing pleasure.

Two of the videos are for songs from Chuca Chuca. “Avenida,” directed by artist and photographer Juan Pablo Garza, is a superposition of images of hands putting many different pastel-colored elements on top of footage of Añez walking on desolate scenarios in Maracaibo, his hometown, while soundtracked by the A.M. soft rock song. Then we have the Johan K. Verhook and Jose Ostosdirected “Alcobas,” which is a simple single aerial shot, taken from the cockpit of an airplane, while the main synth line of the song penetrates your brain, joined by the repetition of the phrase “quiero regresar.”

The third one is a video for “Turismo Interno Nacional,” which does not appear on the album, but on as a b-side on the Solo single (2013, Entorno Doméstico.) It’s a NSFW-ish video, directed by Miguel Salguero, where close-up images of women having orgasms fill the screen, with shots of different other female body parts thrown in. It’s definitely a contrasting concept when paired with this sweet song.

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