Video: Veronica – "HUSH" (+ free MP3)

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Dominican via New York post-punk trio Veronica (nope, we still don’t know who Veronica is, so if someone does, tell us 🙂 embark on their second music clip introducing a hodgepodge of all sorts of Mexican imagery, deities, and outer space beings including Mexican pointy boots (it’s basically become some sort of supreme fad para machos (more or less) in Mexico’s northern border), aliens, snakes, day of the dead skulls, and an Aztec goddess with mysterious eyes. You may recall Veronica from last year’s featured Halloween video pick. Well, let me tell ya, the group evolves with a tighter, more defined sythnpop, new wave sound, reminiscent to Depeche Mode tunes, with danceable mid-tempo arrangements, catchy melodies over simple romantic lyrics, and unpolished vocals led by Omar Rodriguez bringing along Leo Corleone on Bass, and Ricardo Núñez on drums. In courtesy of Veronica and the Aztec goddess in the video, get the song for FREE and watch the video below:

[insert-video youtube=ZfU_wqpSUCg]

Hush by Veronica-NYC