Video: Veronica – "Naked" (+ free mp3)

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I think I just died and went to dark-wave heaven. Even if you aren’t a goth-head or a new wave, industrial drone, you won’t be able to escape the hypnotic drill of Veronica‘s latest installation, “Naked.” This pithy video-single packs a wallop. Everyone’s a child at heart, and like all animals, humanity can’t and never will escape its base passions. Like infants drawing in the sand, Veronica marks its corner of the sandbox with disdain and rancor. Frontman Omar’s voice traces base desires along electronic body music lines with Marilyn Manson-meets-Orgy groans. “Naked” is a stripped, raw and tightly magnificent pause in the happy-pop fed masses’ pathetic existence. I haven’t been this excited about anything since Dani Shivers popped up in the scene. I’m flipping out over here, but my enthusiasm is brooding. There ain’t a smile on this face, only mildly intrigued, listless tapping feet. The dance floor is ominously foggy tonight. Let’s be bored together.

[insert-video youtube=NWpkXZZjzc0]