DJ Bembona Teases Her New Afro-Latinx Club Night With Un Playlist Bien Duro

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Tonight, Panamanian producer DJ Bembona will cook up a mix of old school and new school vibes with her breakout party Vibras NYC. Co-hosted by La Liga Zine, Vibras NYC seeks to create a space for the musical past, present, and future to collide, while also spotlighting Afro-Latinxs who have made their mark on the music industry. “Vibras NYC was created for the infinite love that I have for various music genres of the African diaspora, Latin America, New York, and my identity as a second-generation Latinx,” DJ Bembona told Remezcla over email.

Set to be a monthly event at Camaradas El Barrio, the party will pay tribute to icons like El General while also throwing some J Balvin into the mix (you can catch me grinding to “Ginza” and also laying it down when “Muevelo Muevelo” hits, fam). DJ Oshun of La Mecánica Popular is also set to make an appearance. To top it all off, VibrasNYC will host a live percussionist.

DJ Bembona also curated a playlist featuring some of the contemporary and classic sounds she’ll be spinning later tonight. Check it out below.

Vibras NYC goes down at Camaradas El Barrio (2241 1st Ave in Manhattan) on August 18, 2016 at 8 p.m. Admission is free. For more info, click here.