According to El Universal, ranchera music icon Vicente Fernández refused a medically necessary liver transplant for fear of receiving the donor organ of a “homosexual or drug addict.” In an interview, Fernández explained that he ceased touring in 2012 after doctors found a cancerous lump in his liver while at his Houston stop. “They wanted to give me some other cabrón’s liver, and I told them ‘I’m not going to sleep next to my wife with another dude’s liver,’” the singer said.  “I don’t even know if he was gay or a drug addict,” he added.

The iconic Mexican singer then recalled how he not only refused the potentially life-saving procedure, but also left the hospital despite the doctor’s concern. “They didn’t want to let me leave, but I got dressed and started leaving, They said ‘Please Don Vicente, at least leave in the wheelchair. If anything happens to you, they’ll shut down the hospital,’ so I left in the wheelchair, and as soon as the truck arrived, I left.”

Fernández also said he underwent a procedure in Chile that removed the cancerous growth successfully.

We’re happy he’s going to be ok, but maybe lay off the homophobia, Chente?

H/T: El Universal