Vico C announces new album, Colaboraciones de Ayer y Hoy

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One of the pioneers of rap and reggaeton in Puerto Rico, and hence Latin America, announces a new collaborative album, Colaboraciones de Ayer y Hoy, to be released November 1st.

Vico C shaped the scene since it was still just called “underground,” and composed mega hits like “Bomba para Afincar,” “Viernes 13,” “Xplosión,” and “Recta Final.” The man is also known as “El Filosofo” for his cool, intelligent and meditative lyrics, even turning his own early ’90s struggle with substance abuse into an opportunity to reflect and educate through his music. Weathering insults from younger players in the game, this Boricua has stayed true to the style and positivity that’s served him so well over the years, and it hasn’t failed him yet; as other reggaeton artists come and go, rise and fall, Vico C has remained constant.

He’s worked with a bunch of amazing artists and composed other mega hits with them. So it just is this new collaborative album features a hearty mix of international artists like Alejandra Guzman, Mala Rodriguez, Tego Calderon, Gilberto Santarosa, Jarabe de Palo, Cultura Profética, Tony Touch, Divino, Rescate, Redimi2 and Funky. If you’re into urban hip hop and reggaeton music, then you’ll definitely need to add this one to your collection. ¡¡¡I must have!!!



01. Oye feat. Funky
02. El Bueno, El Malo y El Feo feat. Tego Calderon & Eddie Dee
03. Lo Grande Que Es Perdonar feat. Gilberto Santarosa
04. Se Escaman feat. Eddie Dee
05. Sentimiento feat. Arcangel
06. Vámonos Po’ Encima feat. D’mingo & La Mala Rodriguez
07. Te Me Puedo Escapar feat. Cultura Profetica
08. Para Mi Barrio feat. Tony Touch & D’mingo
09. Tiempo feat. Jarabe de Palo
10. Esperame feat. Divino
11. Soy Jose feat. Rescate
12. PaoPaoPao feat. Redimi2
13. Mala Hierba feat. Alejandra Guzman

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