Free Download: We are Standard's “Can I Count on You”

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I rarely like comparing bands to other bands. I should say, I hate comparing Latin American/Hispanic bands to the more-publicized Anglo bands, mostly because it creates a hierarchy between the scenes, as if one is put into the context of the other. I think all of these bands stand on equal footing. But I can’t help noticing, when I listen to Bilbao’s We are Standard, the hodgepodge of Hot Chip, Calvin Harris, and Rapture present in their sound.

Can I Count on You,” the lead single off the band’s just-released fourth LP, Day, feels ripe for dance-floor-geared remixing, which is why Mushroom Pillow is holding a contest to find the best “Can I Count on You” remix out there. The song is already solidly techno-inspired, as it rises and falls, reprises and washes out in pure Axwell fashion. The video, directed by eskenaziencursiva, premiered a few days ago and focuses on a kid and why he got his ass kicked.

Watch We are Standard’s “Can I Count on You” below from their newest album, produced by Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Hercules & Love Affair), and download the track for FREE here.

[insert-video youtube=OKmc6eOs4NI]