Video: 3Ball MTY's "Inténtalo (Me Prende)"

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Stepping into the ring like three Mexican boxers in this video, DJ trio Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beat, and Otto — all too young to even drink legally in the U.S. — have been banging the heck out of the Monterrey tribal guarachero scene. This is the most MTV I think Remezcla has ever gotten, but it’s worth it. Despite the cheesy lyrics, unnecessary booty shots, the chafa effects, and the awkward Tarantino-spliced screens toward the end, this tribal beat that 3Ball MTY zips along just keeps the momentum and the energy going. And how could you ever turn down a chance to see those crazy pointy, jester boots in action? You gotta love the management ad at the end too, just in case you wanna contact these cute kids to DJ you’re next party. Girl, you know I’m calling that Nextel number as we speak.

[insert-video youtube=FkNB5TCeWiM]