Video: 60 Tigres’ “Esquemas De Monotonía” [MEX]

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Ah, modern life in the big city…how completely and utterly boring! Work, sleep, work, sleep…where’s the joy? This ennui of traffic jams and fluorescent office lights is the subject of indie/garage group 60 Tigres’ latest single, “Esquemas De Monotonía.”

It all begins with our female protagonist who launches the song via her iPhone and unknowingly drops a pair of keys at the feet of our male protagonist, a man whose life is so unfulfilling that he’s shown in black-and-white, unable to blend in with the colors of the world (cue Pocahontas).

Eventually, he dares to take a risk and sets out to find the young lady who dropped her key. The end result? Colors and romance!

[insert-video youtube=fX9XADJ_KTM]