Video: 60 Tigres’ “Picoso”

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There was a time when 60 Tigres was no longer a band and I kicked myself repeatedly for, once again, jumping on board AFTER a band calls it quits. Members Roberto Polo, Miguel Polo, Eduardo Robledo, and Saverio Giandusa dabbled with a few side projects (En Ventura, Los Mundos, Mr. Raccoon, and Mississippi Queens) but it wasn’t quite the same. They must’ve found out how depressed I was because they got back together and are now set to release their debut LP, Animal.

Animal collects tunes from the band’s earlier EP releases and tosses in a few extra tunes as well. It’s also the band’s first “real” album as all their EPs were CD-Rs the band burned on their own to sell/distribute. That’s some DIY shit Fugazi would be proud of.

Picoso” is the name of the group’s first video off the LP and it’s…well, it’s so trippy that you won’t need acid or ‘shrooms to trip out on it. There’s something downright odd going on in the mind of the main character in the animated video by Santiago Viela. Seriously, just watch it and try to guess what’s even going on. All bets are on!

[insert-video youtube=ADCPRpmneVM]