Video: Adán Cruz's "Y Yo" [MEX]

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Adán Cruz is a MC from Monterrey, México. Recently, he broke away from his crew and his whole life to move to Mexico City to start anew, with only his rhymes and beats to follow him through the changes. “Y yo” is not your typical regio-hop track. It features a warped sampling of Daughter’s “Youth” and some loops bathed in analog synth nostalgia, topped off with some voicemail messages. It’s a very striking song, one that feels more like a laptop experiment or the audio track of an indie movie.

For the video, the nearly devilocked rapper recruited Infinito Corazón to assemble a fast-cut collage of hedonists suggesting a certain herbal influence on the sound of “Y Yo.”
Check out the video here.

[insert-video youtube=s6yb9780LgI]