Video: Adanowsky "Déjame Llorar" By Silvamaria

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Colombian film maker and visual artist, Ana María Hermida is at it again. Hermida definitely has her own style. A mix of miniature, Candy-Land-esque closeups and cinematographic pans make her singular vision. In this latest video, a homage to Adanowsky’s swooning “Dejame LLorar,” she even employs the cartoon painted city backdrops she used on the wacky music video for “I’m a Toast” by Les Blondettes. Mixing fantasy and sentimentality, Hermida didn’t even have permission from the legendary singer to use his number for her video. But, as things have it in the digital era, a quick tweet to Adanowsky had him drooling over the video and retweeting it in seconds. Way to go Hermida! That’s some straight up gorilla style art in action. Who needs label executive rights and permissions anyways?

Somewhere between stop motion and just plain old playing with too many toys as a kid (or in this case as adults), Hermida had the brilliant idea to use melted candle wax to simulate the effect of amassing ice and icicles in the sea salt or sugar snow storm that inundates our isolated, miniature main character on his sad walk through Adanowsky’s classic ballet.

Adanowsky “Dejame Llorar” By Silvamaria from Ana Maria Hermida on Vimeo.