Video: Adrianigual – "Arde Santiago"

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What, if anything, do disco-style beats, handclaps and pony-tailed American Apparel models in leopard-print leotards dancing in hula hoops have to do with nationwide protests in favor of constitutional reforms in education, healthcare and taxes? The answer lies within Chilean disco pop duo Adrianigual’s second single “Arde Santiago.” The song, off the group’s second album Exito Mundial received the music video treatment courtesy of Enciclopedia Color and director, Paulina Giustinianovich. The director takes Adrianigual through the streets, parks and rubble of Santiago. In one poignant moment, Adrian sings “atras arde Santiago, es un dia muy feliz” as he and Aedo dance away beneath a burning building. Back in the real world, Santiago burns both literally and metaphorically as protests in the city and across the nation continue into their fourth month. What began as a call for reforms by students led by Confederacion de Estudiantes de Chile (CONFECH), Camila Vallejo and the Federacion de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Chila (FECh) to alleviate the growing inequalities within the nation’s educational system grew to nationwide demands for changes in a system governed by laws and regulations held over from the days of dictator Augusto Pinochet. “Arde Santiago” though happier days have yet to arrive. There’ll be plenty of dancing to Adrianigual when they do though.

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