Video: AFC's "Fuck You" [URU]

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Warning: You may have nightmares after watching this video, especially if you are scared of being abducted by an ax-wielding psycho killer in the middle of the forest, but even more so if you are planning on starting a career in the hyper-competitive fields of Spanish rapping. These Uruguayan kids have some insane skills when it comes to crafting elaborate rhymes and they’ll chop whack MCs to small pieces and cannibalize them for breakfast.

AFC (a.k.a. Arrajatablas Flow Club) are Dön Felipe and Hurakán Martínez, two sharp-tongued, new-school MCs terrorizing the underground in Montevideo since ’07. They are backed by a five-piece live band and together they recorded a remarkable debut album, Grandes Valores del Hardcore, in 2013 (unfortunately it’s not internationally available, yet). It’s full of genius word play over hard-hitting beats that can please street-corner b-boys as well as Spanish linguistics academics.

Fuck You” is their second video off that album and it’s all about horrorcore rhymes over some dense funk beat with lots of vocoder. The video is an obvious tribute to ’80s slasher flicks. What’s not to like?

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