Video: Akûma Might Be Gone, But Their Music Captured In “Koyaanisqatsi” Could Outlast Us All [MEX]

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Sometimes, the best bands don’t stay together long enough to see the impact of their art. It’s too early to know if it’s the case of Akûma, but judging by the sound and images captured here, it wouldn’t be surprising if their music outlast us all.

The young quartet played a mixture of instrumental doom metal, post hardcore arrangements, and all around heaviness. They were one of the most inspiring bands in Mexico, playing intense shows with great musicianship without resorting to showing off. Most importantly, they hailed from a far off city (Morelia) in a state (Michoacan) that has a sad tradition of narco-violence and managed to get nationwide recognition, playing last year’s NRMAL festival, getting reviewed around the world, and touring the country far and wide.

Much of what made Akûma an amazing band can be seen on this posthumous video for the closing track of their album For The Beloved Bones, which features footage of the band ripping it onstage, during rehearsal, or just hanging out. The song is dramatic, driving, and all their own. The video presents both the tune and its creators in their element.

Although the band broke up earlier this year, their mark could grow in the following years. Their music has a timeless quality and a passion that few could match. Something this heavy won’t be held down easily.

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