Video: Alejandro & María Laura's "Estos Días"

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Lima must be a magical place. Rife with vampire nostalgia and dentures serving as instruments, “Estos días,” the first music video from Paracaídas by Alejandro & María Laura presents a playful and honest depiction of what “growing old together” really means. With all the prospect of dementia and random fits of dancing in your future, perhaps it’s time to consider giving love a second chance. While you twiddle your thumbs, unsure if you have the guts or time to commit to somebody new, consider this life’s gentle reminder. Despite your fantasies or other such misgivings about life, your heart will probably stop beating, but a smile and a warm embrace are what we were made best for. Don’t get too lost in this soul sucking folk medley, and try not to stare too hard at those statuesque men in the park. My congratulations and kindest appreciation to the team at La Gris Films for a exquisite realization,  creativity and style. Their images fold well with the uplifting melodies and message in Alejandro and María Laura‘s absolutely captivating performance.

[insert-video youtube=-Ybf-EOU99g]