Video: Algora's "Muerdealmohadas" [ESP]

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In Spain, folk music and other sub-genres’ themes are usually set in a comical tone and revolve around the awkwardness of everyday life. As many other Iberian musical acts, Algora embraces this deadpan kind of storytelling to express his thoughts and sensibilities.

Muerdealmohadas” (a mocking term for gay sex) is the fourth single off their LP, Verbena, and specifically addresses empty sex and non-corresponded love. In their newest video you can watch sweaty people running from each other, a thrift shop owner seducing a patron with colored light bulbs, and in between sequences the band playing on an empty room. All these elements create a whimsical atmosphere that reflects on the calm weirdness that comes from overthinking and fantasizing with someone so hard it literally hurts. But go ahead, enjoy what Algora offers us, and let’s appreciate together the irony behind those badass smiley-faced clothes.

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