Video: Alvaro Díaz, Muelas de Gallo & Eptos Uno’s “No es mi culpa” [MEX/P.R.]

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Sports rivalries aside (boxing, anyone?), there’s nothing but love between Mexico and Puerto Rico, especially when it comes to sharing hip-hop talent. Both capitals, Mexico City and San Juan, have a surplus of amazing lyricists, beat makers, producers, and emcees, but we rarely get to see or hear such high profile collaborations as incredible as “No es mi culpa,” a track by Sanjuanero Alvaro Díaz and Mexican rappers Muelas de Gallo and Eptos Uno from Homegrown Entertainment. With a mixture of trap and dirty south beats, the track is a clever, funny, and menacing takedown of appearances and fake cred.

At 23, Díaz is one skilled emcee with a special talent for creating witty, catchy hooks. His “No es mi culpa no, no es mi culpa que yo suene cabrón. Mi ciudad es un imperio y la tuya es un zafacón” refrain will be stuck in your head for days, along with the ear-melting bass that drives the song. He holds his own beside the powerhouses that are Eptos Uno and Muelas de Gallo, both sounding as fresh and street wise as ever, with kick-ass rhyming skills and perfect phrasing that would probably sound as amazing in a battle as they do in “No es mi culpa.”

The track, produced by Young Martino, was released alongside a video filmed in Mexico City and directed by César Berríos. You’ll enjoy the walkthrough of the clashing landscapes that make the city one of the most striking and interesting ones in the world. You’ll take the tour alongside a bat-wielding Eptos Uno, so brace yourselves.

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