You'll flip for Andrea Echeverri's new video, "Toy Contento"

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A feeling of excitement instantly dominates your every thoughts and makes your stomach flutter. You think you’re dreaming, and can’t believe such sentiments even existed. You wanna shout and tell the whole world how you feel. Time seems to slow down and things begin to flow in alternative ways. Heck, you’re almost hysterical. But what is it? Why are you so happy?

Arteceopelados‘ ever evolving vocalist Andrea Echeverri narrates that feeling in this two minute video for “Toy Contento” from her latest release, Dos (as in the peace sign); directed by David Bohórquez, and filmed in her native Bogotá. The singer never seizes to surprise us with her neo-folkloric sounds which features Echeverri’s enchantedly haunting vibrado and rich traditional folkloric 3/4 rhythms, or simply an urban ballad well done. You’ll flip out in watching this security cartwheel his way back in time. There’s also a tender surprise near the end. Oh, and by the way, for any New York residentes, check out the band tonight (Oct. 6).

[insert-video youtube=zwbKUD2qLMQ]