Video: Apolo’s “Siddhartha” ft. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez [MEX]

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Now THIS is some straight-up rock n’ roll, y’all: crunchy-ass guitar riffs, some freaky-deaky screechy guitar solos, and drum kits with assloads of crashing cymbals! It’s one part Mastodon, one part Wolfmother, equaling one badass tune. I mean, whoever thought that a song named after a book about a man achieving spiritual enlightenment during the time of the Buddha could rock this fucking hard?!

Siddhartha” is the latest single and video from Mexico-City-based quartet Apolo. The video was shot by Paco Ibarra (sidenote: his father is the former owner of now-defunct futbol club Indios de Juarez), who’s also shot videos for Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s solo work and features footage of the afro-less ORL performing with the dudes in Apolo during their Vive Latino set. There’s also footage of the band performing in what looks like a subway somewhere.

There’s also an appearance by tour manager César Rosas who was once the masked drummer for Le Butcherettes (the cat’s out the bag!).

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