Video: Arca & Jesse Kanda's "TRAUMA Scene 2" [VEN/UK]

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Jesse Kanda and Arca continue their TRAUMA film project with this brand-new scene. After giving us nightmares with messed-up dancing babies in “Scene 1,” now they makes us a little sick in the stomach with footage of a guy’s mouth and pharynx. While in the previous scene they traumatize us (pun!) with computer-generated images, in “Scene 2” they do it with entirely real-life shots and very appropriate editing. Tongue, mouth muscles, lips, vocal chords, uvula, they all move to the beat and sounds of Arca’s “Harness,” off his 2013 mixtape &&&&&, occasionally covered by shiny saliva bubbles. Nice. If the scenes follow the sequence of the mixtape, and apparently it does, the next scene should have “Fossil” as soundtrack. Whatever they came up with, it will surely freak us out.

Watch a mouth dance to Arca here:

[insert-video youtube=k_DEQctA7GM]