Video: Armadillo’s “Aves Del Valle” [COL]

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We haven’t heard too much from Cero39 (Mauricio Álvarez) over the past year, but for good reason. The electropidub wunderkind from Colombia teamed up with Diego Maldonado (De Juepuchas, La MiniTK Del Miedo) to co-release an awesome record—titled Es Posible—as the duo Armadillo.

Armadillo’s first single is “Aves Del Valle” and it now has a sweet video to go along with the beats and samples. Musically, it’s a vintage South American tune made with modern tech, much like Chancha Via Circuito. Visually, it reminds me of the old-school animated segments that appeared on Sesame Street during the 1980s.

And the video is just as educational as anything on Sesame Street, serving as a visual encyclopedia of the many creatures that live in and around the Valle de Upar (Valledupar) in Colombia.

[insert-video youtube=3DescX3f04I]

Want more? Head over to their bandcamp to listen to Es Posible.