Video: Ases Falsos' “Información Sentimental” – Radical Power Pop for the Pop Lover [CHL]

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Following last year’s much-lauded Juventud Americana, Ases Falsos—formerly Fother Muckers—has followed the post-album-release route: music videos here and there and some heavy local touring. But now we have a bonus single, a track that didn’t make the final cut on Juventud Americana. “Información Sentimental” will sound familiar to anyone who’s seen the band perform live, but for those of us who haven’t had the pleasure, this track is a lovely surprise.

Ases Falsos makes recontextualized, radicalized pop music for the genuine pop lover. “Información Sentimental” is the band’s power ballad, a song made to elicit feelings from ardent Ases fans, while stirring the hearts of potential new fans. So it’s fitting that the music video, directed by Roberto Cisternas Oróstica, uses behind-the-scenes footage of the band, sandwiched between images of train tracks, construction sites, and factories. We see the group, some fans, some shows, and some sausages. Because you can’t have a fan tribute video without sausages.

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