Video: Ases Falsos' "Simetria" [CHL]

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It’s good of Ases Falsos to recognize that “Simetría,” reductively speaking, is basically a karaoke song. A good karaoke song, but a karaoke song, nonetheless. In the band’s video for the Conducción advance, directed by Roberto Cisternas, we see people stepping up to the karaoke plate—Cristobal Briceño being one of them—and lots of forlorn shots of Briceño contemplating how much he loves.

My new dream karaoke set would open with West Side Story’s “America”—with full choreography, duh!—followed by “Simetría,” then some early Ricky Martin (maybe “Fuego de Noche, Nieve de Día”), and close out big with Twin Shadow’s “To the Top.” I know what I’m doing this weekend.

[insert-video youtube=hH1-Mi5t4lM]