Video: Astro Frontman Andrés Nusser Steps Out Under New Alias Karakoram Mekong in “Rats”

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Astro frontman Andrés Nusser has released the video to his supposedly Burmese-inspired Karakoram-Mekong project, which he debuted almost a year ago. The single “Rats” now comes to life in video format, which illustrates Nusser’s apparent dedication to buffet-style sampling from unspecific, pan-Asian culture, while the track teeters somewhere between synthetic vocals and hectic, neon-ized percussion. We appreciate that Nusser’s making the most of low-profile experimentations on his occasional downtime from the band, but perhaps there’s some more culturally-sensitive ways to do it.

[insert-video youtube=7tYS3eKPoxA]