Video: Aurora's "Islas" [ESP]

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Psych indie rockers Aurora, from Granada, were part of the amazing Vive Latino lineup, and are now closing the cycle on their 2013 debut, Géminis, with a new piece of visual art. On their album, Aurora explores the astrological vastness of outer space and compares it to the void within our souls caused by familiar feelings of insecurity, failure, and solitude. The latest single, “Islas,” channels the hope of exploring new frontiers in a spiritual way.

Joana Blanco Moya and Arian Tabatabai (Niebla Films), along with Yasmin Manssour, join forces again to recreate an interpretation for “Islas.” Dancers in slow motion contort, reverse, jump, and seduce with the sole power of their bodily expressions. As the song builds up and frees itself from repetitive riffs and lo-fi-ness, the yearning to escape increases inside us. It almost feels intimate, as if we were peeking into the dancers’ territory.

Go ahead and watch them move.

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