Free Download/Video: Aviónica’s “Desde Cero” [BOL]

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Here are a few facts about Bolivia according to the CIA World Factbook: the national symbols are the llama and the Andean condor; its national anthem was adopted in 1852; it is the home of awesome musician Jose “Joti” Mrochek. Okay, so that last bit isn’t in there but it should be because how can you talk about Bolivia without talking about one of its best new artists?

Mrochek is the brains and artistic brawn behind Aviónica, a little indie rock group from Cochabamba. They’ve got a new album out titled California, my home state (also a fact that needs inclusion in the CIAWF), where this wonderful video and single come from.

Desde Cero” is the tale of a guy wanting to start over with his ex. The song, produced by Sebastian Krys (whom you may remember from his work with Gloria Estefan, Carlos Vives, Kinky, and Marc Anthony), has a beautiful post-punk vibe to it and the video…well, where do I begin?! It’s an ingenious mix of animation, ink, and live action as an unknown artist inks/paints out the song’s lyrics and scenes in a large notebook, which come to life.

[insert-video youtube=h2W8gtKbEc8]