Video: Babasónicos' "La Lanza" [ARG]

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Yes, Babasonicos’ “La Lanza” came out in July, but us North American folk were barred from experiencing the song until now. Thankfully, the band uploaded this official lyric video for the first single off their upcoming (11th!!!) album, Romantisísmico, the follow up to 2011’s A Propósito.

I’m always nervous when a new Babasónicos track comes out, but it’s that fear that comes with respecting a band so much. You never want them to be over the hill. You never want them to get stuck in the heyday of their success because they’re incapable of flourishing. Lucky for us, “La Lanza” proves that my fears are unnecessary and that I need to chill the fuck out and accept the fact that these guys are timeless.

“La Lanza” opens with “ah ohs” that alert us to the track’s reliance on classic pop motifs, and later challenges the song’s backbone through primal guitar and drum breaks. It’s a refreshing update to their sound. Still Babasónicos, but inventive and forward motioning; never stuck.

Watch the video below. There are a lot of nifty gold ensembles, because, of course.

[insert-video youtube=Lrn8XIU1xqM]